M01 Graphite
M01 Graphite

Graphite is made from carbon. The name "graphite" means "to write", because it is used in pencils as the lead. Some other names for graphite are- Black Lead, Plumbago, Grafito, and Pencil Ore. It is a really soft mineral. Graphite unlike other carbon based minerals conducts electricity.Graphite is the most stable carbon based mineral under standard conditions( the conditions that allow minerals to be compared, and is widely used.) Graphite can be identified by its black color, metallic gleam, and it is opaque. Graphite may be considered as the highest grade of coal. Diamonds and graphite are both made of carbon. The difference is that diamonds form in a diamond lattice, while graphite forms in a hexagonal crystal formation.


Massive Graphite vein
Massive Graphite vein
external image thumbnail.aspx?q=278628218791&id=74df5ad9e6c6f54a28151e8b66747e25& Though these pictures of Graphite look like they are strong and hold their structure, Graphite's tenacity is brittle, it has thin flakes, and it is slightly flexible. Also, it feels greasy, smudges your hand when you touch it, and it is a good conductor of electricity. Molybdenite, commonly confused with Graphite, is heavier and not smudgy.

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Graphite is a mineral that is used in penciles which makes it write. Graphite is a one (basil) directional clevage layer so when rubed or put against to another substance it makes a mark on the substance.

The formula for Graphite is C (Carbon)
Graphite is an Iron black to a steel gray of color. So to find graphite just look for those colors.
The hardness of graphite is from 1-2. So it is not a hard substance at all.
Graphite forms in Metamorphic rocks, ingneous, and crystalline limestone. Which were the chemical accumulates the carbon which is generated from reaction.
The shape of Graphite is Hexagonal. Which is 6 sides.
Group it is in, Native elements, and nonmetalic elements.
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By Bridger Logan

Graphite forms during the metamorphism, under intense heat and pressure, of coal or limestone with a great deal of organic matter in them. Like diamonds, the other crystalline form of carbon, graphite can be manufactured artificially, but the natural material is still cheaper.

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The History Says
In ancient Rome, scribes wrote on papyrus (an early form of paper) with a thin metal rod called a stylus, which left a light but readable mark. Other early styluses were made of lead. Today we still call the core of a pencil the "lead" even though it is made from nontoxic graphite.

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What is it and where is it formed? Graphite is one of the two kinds of carbon. The other one is diamond which is a lot harder than graphite. The difference between the two is how the atoms are arranged. Diamonds that are close to the surface of the Earth are slowly changing into graphite. Graphite is caused by the changes inigneous and metamorphic rocks. It is formed when plants, rocks, and organic things in limestone areas change over time.
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How and where is it mined? Graphite is mined usingunderground mining and surface quarrying. The way it is mined depends on how deep into the Earth the graphite is. It is mined in: China, Brazil, Canada, Malagasy, Norway, Ukraine and Zimbabwe.
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What is it used for? Graphite is used for the lead in pencils, to make steel stronger, and as a lubricant. Clay + water + graphite = the lead in pencils.

Photo by Eric Greene, courtesy of Treasure Mountain Mining

Mineral Characteristic
What the
mineralogists say

Kid's Guide: What it REALLY means!
Chemical Symbol
It only has carbon in it.
Black or gray
These are graphite’s usual colors.
Black gray to brownish gray
If you crushed graphite, it would become a black-gray or brownish-gray dust. It is one way that scientists identify it.
You can’t see through it.
Metallic to dull
If you shine a light on it, it would have a dull shine like dirty metal.
Perfect in 1 direction
If you broke graphite, it would break smoothly into sheets.
If it is broken into smaller pieces, it will be flaky or sheet-like.
It will not attract, or be attracted to, a magnet
1 - 2
It is a soft metal.
Specific gravity
If you held a piece of it, it would seem light for its size.
Crystal Shape