diamond comes from the isonetric crystal group.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR-xkX9p4W_768YI6bU5OuLPcG726wvORjkUDWpOhpIItT1K5SBThis is what natural diamond looks like before it is cut.

diamond is 10 on the hardness scalemineral_diamond_gem.jpg

diamonds are composed of carbon

Diamond has perfect cleavage.

It's melting point is 3820 degrees Kelvin

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Diamonds are made of super compressed coal that took 360 million years to
make then you add in the time it took to make diamonds from the coal and
you realize just how old your moms wedding ring really is.

Diamond is found in South Africa, India, Brazil, Russia, and Arkansas, U.S.

Diamond is Colorless to a yellowish to yellow brown, black, blue, green, or red, or pink. It is one of the hardest natural made substances that are known. It’s formed deep down in the ground and can only be brought up by kimberlite pipes.

Diamonds are used like blades kind of like to cut wire. And things most regular blades cannot cut through the same things as diamond can because is harder, nothing can cut diamond and it can’t be worn down by friction so it is used as a blade.. in other cases its used for women’s wedding rings (: Really small diamonds are sometimes used in sandpaper (or they just break up others that are slightly larger).
external image contact-sona-diamond1.jpgKimberlite: is a igneous rock that contains diamonds
Igneous: Is a volcanic rock.worlds-largest-diamond.jpg