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  • Cal-cite: is a stone that has chalk and marble in it, this is a commen stone
  • other known as calc-spare
  • The chemical compond of calcite is calcium, carbon, and oxygen2.
  • When calcite is touched by an acid it will fizzel and admit CO2 into the air.
  • Calcite is the third softest of the minerals, meaning it is a very soft rock.
  • There are about three-hundred different crystall shapes.
  • Most people don't know that Calcite is all around us, because it is used to make concrete.
  • Calcite got its name from "chalix" which means lime.
  • Its the most amazing, yet most common mineral
  • Mexican onyx(calcite) is mostly used for ornamental purposes all around the world.
  • the chemical formula is CaCO3
  • It's forms in a limeston in to a crystal like shape.
  • It's has white streaks in it to make it a pretty stone.
  • It's luster is vitroues.
  • It's hardness is 3 on a rhombohedron on a clevage face.
  • The cleavage of calcite is 1-3, rhombohedral.

if calcite is brown or black in color it is considerd to be impure

if you takr your nail and scrape it and you make a mark its not considered a hard mineral

calcite crystals often enclose quarts of sand, when the to go together it makes sand crystals

How to know if it is calcite or not.

Formation: forms in many rocks calcite makes up the bulk of limestones and marbles

Tests: it effervesces with cold, diltuted hydrochloric acid

Words to Define

  • Hydrochloric acid: an acid that when you put it on a calcite stone it will create a cemical reaction and release CO2 gas.
  • Rhombohedron: solid bounded by six rhomic planes.
  • Rhombohedral: of related to Rhombohedron.
  • Luster: A bright shine or glow of soft reflected light.
  • Carbonate: Carbon asid of salt or ester.
  • Streak: The color the mineral is when you scrach it along a tile.


Fun Stuff

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  • Calite is used in toothpaste some make-up, and chewing gum.
  • Calcite is one of the most colorful minerals, having all the colors in the rainbow!
  • Crystal healers use Calcite as an aid for memory. And to enhance learning abilities!
  • Calicite double refracts.
  • This double image is said to double the healing powers in the stone.
  • Calcite was the main mineral in the building of Egyptian pyramids.

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