Some fun facts about beryl!

Beryl is short for beryllium aluminum silicate. it is a chief source of beryllium, which is a light metal that has a high melting point. Beryllium is used for many things. One is radiation windows for X-ray tubes. It is also used in high speed aircraft, missiles and space vehicles. Beryl is also a gemstone, popular for its color and importance in history. The most popular beryl gemstone is emerald. In pure form, Beryl is colorless. The different impurities are what make it valuable.

Beryl was used to ward off demons and evil spirits. People have found that Pliny used the power made by Beryl to cure eye injuries. It is said that Beryl protects many travelers from danger and to treat disorders to the heart and the spine. Other legends say that Beryl was used to promote cheerfulness and marital love, retard laziness, and maintain youthfulness. Beryl that is the color gold is used to make people symathetic and increase sincerity.

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Beryl is a valuable mineral that comes in green, aquamarine, greenish yellow, pink and colorless the green is known as emerald it is extremely valuable on the mineral market the aquamarine is not nearly as valuable
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Beryl: Classifications and other facts

Green, blue, blue-green, yellow, pink, red, brown, colorless, and white
Other names
Emerald, Aquamarine, Morganite, Heliodor, Bixbite, and many more.
Chemical formula
Crystal system
imperfect in one direction
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  • The name beryl comes from a greek word for a blue-green stone, and hard lustrous stone.

  • Beryl is the main source of the element beryllium, and is often found in ore bodies with tin and tungsten.
  • the chemical composition of beryl is Be3AL2Si65O18.
  • Beryl forms in Hexagonal structures.

  • Beryl is said to preserve youthfulness
  • Beryl can be up to several meters in length
  • Beryl is in group 2....i have no clue what that means.....
  • Beryl: Folklore, legends, and healing power

  • Legend says that Beryls was used to keep away evil demons.
  • People also say that in old time Beryl was used to cure eye infections/injuries. It also cured back and spinal disorders.
  • Legend also says that it brought safety and health to travelers, and protected them from the evil demons.

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